Stoles from Paraguay
made by the Taller de Hermandad in Santa María de Fe

Colours available are white, green, purple and red.
We also make stoles in blue, which in some countries is used as an alternative colour for Advent.

Each one is made individually and there is thus a wide variety in combinations of colour and design. You can put together a combination to suit you from the options in the following pages, or you can simply let us know the colour you would like and the women will then give free rein to their creativity. Contact us for further information or a leaflet.

If you would like to make your own choice please follow these instructions:

Stage 1:
Click on any of the thumbnails above to look at larger pictures of the colours available, or click here to go straight to the colours page. If you do not specify a colour we will send one with a white background: this is the most common choice and can be used on any day in the year.

Stage 2:
The colours page contains links to the details page which will help you to decide on the particular combination of motif or scene that you would like. Click here to go straight to the details page.

Stage 3:
Finally, contact us to discuss your order and arrange for payment.

Prices per stole (including postage and packing):
One stole

Cheques should be made out to "Santa Maria Craft".

For more information and orders email Mimi Stephens on
0r write to her at

Lee Cottage
High Street, Blockley
Moreton in Marsh
Glos GL56 9HH

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