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Having chosen the base colour of the stole, you can now choose the appliqué decoration.

Contact us at any point to discuss your order.

There are two types of decoration:

Motif: various separate motifs are appliquéd directly onto the stole. The detail on the right is a Decorated Cross from the blue stole. Click on it to see a photograph of the stole as worn (then click on the photograph to return to this page).

decorated cross

Scene: an entire picture or set of pictures with figures on their own background is sewn to the material. The detail on the right is a Triple Picture from one of the white stoles. Click on it to see a photograph of the stole as worn (then click on the photograph to return to this page).

scene detail

There are several possible combinations of Motif and Scene.

You can have a Decorated Cross and a Motif as in this white Christmas stole...
or two Motifs plus a plain cross as in the green stole...
or two Scenes plus a plain cross as in the purple stole.
Decorated Cross and Motif
Two Motifs plus Plain Cross
Two Scenes plus Plain Cross

Choose from the following - click on any of them to see a stole with this detail,
then click on the stole picture to return to the top of this page, or use your browser's back button to return to the detail in question.

Decorated Crosses
Two supporters
Christian people

(see above)

Crucified Peasant
Christian community
Christian people
crucified peasant
Christian community

Christian community
Christian people
Living Water
Countryside ploughing and sowing
Countryside feeding animals
Countryside grinding corn
living water
sowing and ploughing
feeding animals
grinding corn

Triple picture
Grapes and Wheat
Christian community
triple picture
grapes and wheat
In addition, the countryside motifs above can be done as scenes.

Prices per stole (including postage and packing):

One stole
Cheques should be made out to "Santa Maria Craft".

Now you have made your choice of colour and design, please contact us to make or discuss your order and arrange payment:

For more information and orders email Mimi Stephens on
0r write to her at

Lee Cottage
High Street, Blockley
Moreton in Marsh
Glos GL56 9HH

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